PhotoBook Magazine

PhotoBook Magazine, an online magazine based in Brooklyn (New York), features artists, including photographers, fashion designers, illustrators, videographers, painters, and other creative talents. There are beautiful images, well-written articles, and intimate interviews, with the goal of being inspirational and monitoring what occurs in the creative world.

Features include:

“Style With A Cause,” which hosts designers and how they contribute in a positive way. These designers represent a cause such as cruelty-free designed clothing, fair trade, or their support of a charity might be highlighted.

“Street Talk,” which supports emerging brands that merit being discovered and what’s happening in fashion.

"Who’s Who,” which has a similar philosophy and which shows the driving forces behind the showrooms, agents behind the artists, and producers who handle the grueling logistics to make things happen. “Who’s Who” puts a face to a name. The purpose is to help these individuals become better recognized.

Furthermore, there is coverage of influencers who help each other and certain causes such as the environment, body positivity, healthy living, and women's empowerment. The goal is to integrate the creative world and a supportive and healthy environment. It embraces positive well-being and to support a social conscious change.