ICY Presents: Dynasty Fashion Show, NYFW, Spring 2020

ICY Presents: Dynasty Fashion show for NYFW located at Spring Studios was great to seeing these emerging artists. Showcasing an Asian theme with music, carrying designers as HUIMAN, which was simplicity and elegance featuring ong, wispy sleeves and loose-fitting clothing in lavender, mint green and white were prominent. The unique use of tassels either around the model’s neck, covering their face or cinched at the waist, gave this collection an edge

My favorite was LEAF XIA, with it’s neon colors: pink, green, yellow and mismatching patterns paired with layers. I liked it so much that I requested some of their fall pieces for a recent shoot. It has a psychedelic and wacky feel to it, but with the layers it works well.

FENGYI TAN, loose blazers was the theme for this collection but what stood out for me was a slinky for a hair accessory. What a great concept and I want to try it soon for an upcoming shoot.

ALL COMES FROM NOTHING with a color palette of black, khaki, blue and gold. Silhouettes contained loose frills paired with wedge boots.

Written by Alison Hernon, Editor-In-Chief, PhotoBook Magazine

Layout by Juliana Bakumenko.

Layout by Juliana Bakumenko.