Kate Foster: Media & Communications Manager at CLOVE + HALLOW

Kate Foster, photo by @ bluecarstudio .

Kate Foster, photo by @bluecarstudio.

1. Name?

My name is Kate Foster.

2. Profession?

I cover Media & Communications Manager at CLOVE + HALLOW; I'm also a freelance beauty editor for print and digital publications.

3. Where are you from and where do you live now?

I'm from Johns Creek, Georgia and now live in Brooklyn, New York.

4. How did you get into beauty and makeup?

There's a photo of me at about 3 years old holding a Clinique powder compact in my hand. That is to say, I've always been obsessed with beauty! My best friends and I started swapping "play" makeup and Bath & Body Works products when I was in Kindergarten. In terms of getting into the industry, though, my first magazine internship was with Marie Claire's beauty department.

5. What advice do you have for people who want to transition to cleaner and more eco-conscious beauty products?

Start slow, and start with the products that touch the largest surface area of your body first: your body wash, body lotion, body scrub, shampoo, conditioner, etc. Plus, there are really amazing clean products in those categories!

Photo taken by Kate Foster.

Photo taken by Kate Foster.

6. Tell us about CLEAN15.

I'll link you to our website, here, it's a genius idea our founder and CEO, Sarah, came up with so that consumers wouldn't feel like they needed a PhD to read our labels.

7. What role does social media play in marketing clean beauty products?

A huge role! Influencers are one of our biggest priorities in terms of marketing, and so many new consumers find us via Instagram or Facebook ads.

8. What is your favorite Clove and Hallow product?

Our Lip Velvets, for sure. They come in the most beautiful, bold colors and stay on longer than any other liquid lipstick I've tried (non-clean ones, included).

9. What challenges have you faced running a clean, vegan and cruelty-free makeup brand?

This is something Sarah would need to speak to, but I would say one of the biggest challenges is getting consumers to genuinely believe a clean product can work as well as their conventional products. Once they try our products, though, they understand.

Kate Foster, photo by  @kristynnucci .

Kate Foster, photo by @kristynnucci.

10. What are your best makeup and skincare tips?

I truly believe if you have on a bold lip and nothing else, you still look pulled together. For skin care, I've learned to press my toners and serums into my skin rather than rub them in. I swear they absorb so much better!

11. What’s next for you?

I've really been enjoying helping our team testing new products, so I hope to continue to do more of that down the line.

13. What is your motto?

Always be the person who will get their hands dirty and with a smile. I truly believe no one is too good for any task, no matter how mundane it feels. When I was first starting out in the beauty industry, my former boss (and now mentor) once told me that whenever I made a mistake, she couldn't hold on to frustration about it because I accepted the criticism with a smile and a gung-ho attitude.

14. Website: katherinebethfoster.com

15. Instagram: @katebfost

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Interview by Alison Hernon, Editor-In-Chief, PhotoBook Magazine.