Steph and Kaitlin of Lez See the World

Photo By Lez See the World Team.

Photo By Lez See the World Team.

1. Name? 

 Hi there! We are Steph & Kaitlin, a married couple who created a lesbian travel and lifestyle brand called
Lez See the World.

 2. Where are you from? Where do you live now? 

 We are both Canadian, from the beautiful city of Vancouver. We are so happy to call it home! We currently spend a lot of our time in Vancouver, living in a condo in Chinatown. We also spend part of our time in Niagara Falls, where we own a house. The rest of our time is spent travelling!

 3. Profession?

 We are full-time creatives and entrepreneurs! Our house and condo both serve as rental properties when we aren’t staying in them, and we both work entirely for ourselves. Steph is a photographer, videographer, and webmaster. Kaitlin is a model, writer, and performer.

 4. How did you meet?

The short story is that we met in Vancouver at the end of 2010. Steph had just returned from a big, solo backpacking trip, and was taking dance classes at a local studio. I (Kaitlin), was teaching at the same studio, and Steph ended up in one of my classes! We quickly became friends, and then officially became girlfriends about two months later. For the long story, you can head to our blog to read all about how we met.

Photo By Lez See the World Team.

Photo By Lez See the World Team.

 5. How did Lez See the World start?

We came up with the idea about 3 years ago, when we decided to go entirely freelance and start travelling. We started by documenting our trips on Instagram, but since then our brand has grown into so much more! Now we have an incredible community of lesbian women that we get to create resources for. We have a travel blog full of destination guides, and information/recommendations from our personal adventures. We’ve made so many amazing connections, and are constantly inspired by the other travellers and creators that we meet!

 6. How did you discover your love of travel?

 We have both always loved travel, and it was something that really connected us when we met. Steph travelled a lot with her family when she was young, and has always been interested in seeing the world. She always talks about her backpacking trip across South America being transformative! I (Kaitlin) grew up studying the arts, and I’ve always been in love with the idea of exploring the globe. My first big trip was to Italy with a school program, and ever since then I’ve had uncontrollable wanderlust. 

 7. Who inspires you?

We are inspired by people who live their truth. Who stand up for what they believe in, and do what they WANT to do, rather than what they are SUPPOSED to do. We are inspired by people who chase their dreams, who live with purpose, and who aren’t afraid to create a life that they love.

 8. What is your favourite place you have traveled to?

This past Spring we spent a month in South America, and absolutely loved it! It was Steph’s first time returning since her backpacking trip, and it was our first time travelling to South America together. We spent most of our time in Argentina staying in Buenos Aires, and also visited Montevideo and Colonia in Uruguay, and Cartagena in Colombia. We loved how lesbian friendly these destinations are, and how kind and welcoming the locals were to us. We can’t wait to go back one day! 

Photo By Lez See the World Team.

Photo By Lez See the World Team.

 9. Where would you like to travel next?

We would love to see more of Central and South America, as well as explore some of the Caribbean islands. We’re also hoping to get back to Europe soon! We did an incredible road trip through Western Europe last year, and would love to do the same thing through Eastern Europe.

10. What’s next for you?

We have some really exciting plans for our business, and are so excited to continue building it! We’re going to keep putting out weekly blog articles that are destination focused, as well as content that is more lifestyle focused. We’re very passionate about entrepreneurship, and sharing all of the ways that we make our travel lifestyle work. We also create regular content on Instagram, and plan to dive into the world of YouTube in the next couple of months. We also host regular in person meet-ups through Lez See the World, and we plan on organizing more get-togethers in different cities this year. All of our meet-ups are planned through our private Facebook group for lesbian women and couples. 

 11. What is your motto in life?

That anything and everything is possible! We’re passionate about creating a life we love, and working hard to make our dreams a reality. Owning two properties, working for ourselves, and travelling the world as full-time artists is what we always longed to do. We didn’t stop until we made it happen. There is always a way! We have so many new dreams now, and we won’t stop working toward them. Everything we want to accomplish is possible, and we’re so excited to make it all happen. 

Thank you so much for interviewing us! 

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