Cassie and Jenaya of Les Go There

Photo by @lookimaginary

Photo by @lookimaginary

1.    Name:

Cassandra (Cassie) and Jenaya

2.    Where are you from? Where do you live now?

We both are from Bermuda! Most people gave no idea where that is when we tell them. It’s a beautiful island in the middle of the Atlantic. We are about two hours from New York! We still live here but are considering moving somewhere a little bigger sometime soon

3.    Profession? 

Cassie is a dental assistant and yoga instructor and I am a middle school counselor.

4.    How did you meet? Please tell us your story.

We met the old fashioned way... in a bar! I had a friend who used to bartend on salsa nights at a local pub. Cassie dances salsa and by the end of the night (and after a few drinks) she asked me to dance with her. I declined but asked for her number instead and the rest is history :)

5.    Are there things that either of you do that bothers the other? If so, can you disclose what they are?

Hmmm this one is a tough one. Jenaya doesn’t do anything in particular that bothers me but she does make me take a look at the sides of me that I don’t like. Being with Jenaya is like looking in a mirror. Cassie can be super stubborn at times. She doesn’t like when things go to plan

Photo by @lookimaginary

Photo by @lookimaginary

6.    If it is not too personal to ask, can you tell us about your coming out stories? 

Jenaya came out in college. I didn’t really have a coming out story. Jenaya is the first girl I’ve been “out” with and I just told everyone in my own time and didn’t make it a big thing.

7.    Not only are you two a same sex couple, but you’re an interracial couple, do you think that adds to any challenges you face?

Bermuda is a small community. We don’t see many out same sex couples so adding race to the equation just makes it that more complicated. I would like to think that neither of those things are issues to the people around us but I’m sure it is. It’s not blatant but just subtle racism or homophobia

8.    You love to travel, was that something you discovered separately or together?

We both have traveled a ton before we started dating and was something that we both needed from a relationship. Jenaya used to play basketball and traveled the world playing ball and as soon as I was we old enough to make my own money I was traveling

9.    What is your favorite place that you have traveled to so far? 

Our favorite place we have explored together is definitely Portugal. We fell in love with the country. The food, the wine, the streets, the art. Portugal is honestly such a gorgeous country that everyone should have one their bucket list

Photo by @lookimaginary

Photo by @lookimaginary

10.If you could travel anywhere, that you have not been to yet, where would it be and why?

Ha we have a running list: Senegal, Norway, Egypt, Turkey, Greece.... anywhere we haven’t seen, we want to see it. We love experiencing new cultures and seeing beautiful places so there isn’t many place we won’t go.

11.You’re an inspiration to a lot of people, do you ever view yourselves as that or has that been something you’re still getting used to?

Ha this is still very strange. We sometimes get stopped when we are out at night by people who follow us. We still have no idea what to say. We just feel so lucky to be able to live our authentic lives and share that on such a large platform!

12.What do you personally like to do on your spare time, both together and apart?

We actually really love people watching. We are quiet people most of the time so we are comfortable with sitting in silence together. Our favorite thing to do is find a cute little cafe or wine spot and watch the world go by.

Photo by @lookimaginary

Photo by @lookimaginary

13.What advice can you give someone who is not out yet or is facing tough times for loving who they love?

There is no timeline. Don’t force anything that doesn’t feel right. Surround yourself with supportive people and allow yourself to be yourself. When you are ready, you will know. Not everyone will be 100% supportive but hopefully by this time it won’t matter what anyone else feels.

14.What’s next for you?

Hmmmm we would love to create a travel guide for lgbtq travelers to Bermuda and then eventually the countries we travel. We try to research countries before we get there but sometimes it’s impossible to find lgbt safe spaces.

15.What is your motto in life?

Don’t be afraid! But that plane ticket!

16.  Instagram: lesgothere