The Green Living Guy: Seth Leitman

1. Name: 

My name is Seth Leitman.

2. Where are you from? 

I am from New York. 

3. Where do you live now? 

Currently, I resided in Briarcliff Manor, NY.

4. Profession? 

I am a Program Manager of Drive Electric Hudson Valley, Run Green Living Guy Blog, Author and Editor of Green Guru Guides with TAB McGraw-Hill.

Volkswagen EV Buggy.

Volkswagen EV Buggy.

5. What does your diet consist of? 

Green tea lemonade, beans (daily). I also eat Kosher (grass fed) meats. However not a lot now that I’m transitioning to vegan. I do also eat tuna fish, eggs. I drink vegetable smoothies that have coconut butter in it too usually weekly. For snacks I eat almonds and pistachios. Also I do hard core circuit training usually twice a week and cardio.

6. How are you green at home? 

Very. I work from home. I use LED everything. We have Tesla solar panels and two Powerwalls. We now consume so much less energy than we use to.

7. What car do you drive? How efficient is it? 

I drive the Lexus 400h. It’ll get about 35-40 mpg on highway. Around town 23. Next car is Tesla.

8. Besides deforestation, what is another big environmental problem? 

Energy efficiency. I don’t believe Americans as a whole or the world as a whole are energy efficient. What are some things that can be done to help it? We need to educate the public regularly. I mean daily if not weekly but the things people want to hear. Not politically slanted. Just facts.

Rockland Hyundai Electric Vehicles.

Rockland Hyundai Electric Vehicles.

9. What things can be frustrating in this field? 

I think a lot of people SAY they will save customers money and really don’t. Meaning they increase their profit margins and thereby make it difficult for a small business to succeed. I also even though loving government support think their control of the subject makes it very hard for small business to collaborate with them for the better good. That’s also personally from a person who DID work for the State of NY for 10 years.

10. What are the ways you educate others on green living? 

Besides my blog which reaches now over 140M annually. I donate Green Guru Guide books across the Country. Currently I have donation programs in Orlando, Miami and NYC. I have donated to at least 20 colleges and continue to donate their as well.

11. What are some of the lush places you’ve traveled to? 

Lush, hmmm besides my honeymoon which was in St. Maarten over 20 years ago. I am for the first time going to London in June. Not really gone lush. Maybe in the future. Been more focused on helping the world.

12. From what you see, what locations need more love? 

China, Malaysia, Mexico and Africa.

13. How can offices reduce the amount of paper or electricity used? 

Offices can go renewable easily. Also for paper, I believe in my heart we all need to get serious about paper recycling. Also buying paper like from Staples which is from sugarcane stalks. YES STAPLES. We need to educate people. It’s enough already. LOL

14. How do you interact with your audience? 

My blog, my Twitter handles and one verified handle, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, my work with Drive Electric Hudson Valley and my Blog, Green News site, The Green Living Guy. I also do speaking gigs and continue that all the time.

15. What are some common misconceptions about the environment? 

We can’t save it. My one little thing of insulation will mean nothing. Not true. If we all do one small thing. It adds up due to multiplicity. How many of us are living here?!

16. What can you tell us about Solar Power 4 Your Home? 

It’s a new business. I took the concept of the book (from my Green Guru Guides) and am expanding it to help people get better deals on solar and energy storage. Combined it’s a 1-2 combo that’ll knock energy out!

Seth Leitman

Seth Leitman

17. How did you begin your career? 

I got a Masters in Public Administration and worked for SUNY, NYS Senate, NYSERDA and the New York Power Authority. As I worked for NYSERDA and NYPA on alternative fuel vehicles, green schools, indoor air quality and green lighting. After 10 years of working for the State I left. Went private and risked it all. Even with a wife and two boys. I then formed two companies, closed one after failure and did it when McGraw-Hill asked me to re-write the book Build Your Own Electric Vehicle. Meanwhile I had a blog going back then in 2006 so just kept it going. Finally with the combined I got to do 9 books either wrote, co-wrote or edited. So I am always selling those books. Rest is history.

18. What’s next for you? 

I’m expanding the scope of Drive Electric Hudson Valley, I have some merch that’s coming outwhich will be all green or nothing and other businesses I’m creating.

19. What is your motto in life? 

One Day at a time one Step at a time.

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