Pole Dancer Performer: Marion Crampe

Photography by Stanis Gourine.

Photography by Stanis Gourine.

1. Name?

My name is Marion Crampe.

2. Where are you from? Where do you live now?

I'm originally from the South of France in Lourdes. After 6 years without an established "Home" as I was constantly on the road around the world, I'm now based in Girona next to my amazing husband. Yet I spend most of my time still traveling a lot and I love it. 

3. Profession? 

Performer/ Instructor/ Model: Pole Dance -Flexibility- Hair Hanging

4. When did you start pole dancing?

I start pole dancing at the end of 2006 in Paris. And after the first class, I never stopped and until nowadays I'm profoundly passionate about it. 

Photography by Simon Hooley.

Photography by Simon Hooley.

5. What’s your favorite song to pole dance to?

One of them, that is a pretty hard question as I’m truly moved by Music and many create something special and make me fly differently. I would mention few artists I'm into lately: Ry X, Nick Murphy, Fourtet, Bonobo, and FKA Twigs.

6. What is your favorite pole dancing move?

For years I think my appreciation has been for Pole dance in general. Probably moves involving flexibility and lines are pretty significant in my journey. I would say if I have to mention one: it will be "the Eagle".

Marion Crampe doing “The Eagle.” Photography  @Pickledthoughts .

Marion Crampe doing “The Eagle.”
Photography @Pickledthoughts.

7. How would you classify your dance style?

My style evolves as I do as a woman and artist. I can see and feel I'm at a different stage of my movement than I was at the beginning of my carrier or even from last year so as from session after session. I feel I am getting, each time, more connected and in harmony with what and who I am. The journey is a never-ending story and I think it is what makes Art and Life in general worth to live.

8. Where did your nickname “‘pole fairy” come from?

I can't really remember. I have always been fascinated by fairies, elves, witches and other magical beings. It might be a mix of many things. And the Pole community is full of amazing fairies, male and female. 

9. What’s the best piece of advice you were given?

"Take a moment to reflect where you are, who you are and why you are..."


10. What inspires you?

Other humans with their craft and being, plants, trees and animals... I have to mention for instance I do not "follow" on Instagram (though I watch and observe a lot) much of what I do daily as pole dancing, flexibility, in that way my feed offers to discover outside of the "world" I gravitate. I follow painters, artists from different kinds, people who open my mind and nourish my seeking of discovery and understanding. I truly appreciate medias for this. What an amazing source of inspiration we have in our hands.

Photography  @Pickledthoughts .

Photography @Pickledthoughts.

11. What’s next for you?

I am traveling for workshops around the world, sharing and receiving. I will be also taking part of several shows such as Kawuum, Impulse and soon more. I keep seeking for exploring and a constant research on myself. Making sure to cultivate and find Peace in what I do and what I am, for me and for the people I’m grateful to have in my life. 

12. What’s your motto in life?

Go for what makes you feel alive, to the fullest. 

Photography by Simon Hooley.

Photography by Simon Hooley.

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Interview by Alison Hernon, Editor-In-Chief, PhotoBook Magazine.