Luxury, Vegan Brand: GUNAS

1. Brand name?

Our brand name is GUNAS.

2. Designer name?

Sugandh G. Agrawal is the designer.

Designer Sugandh G. Agrawal with her GUNAS bags.

Designer Sugandh G. Agrawal with her GUNAS bags.

3. Where is the company based? 

The company is based in New York, NY.

4. When was the company founded? 

The company was founded in 2009.


5. Tell us about your company and the products you sell? 

GUNAS is a luxury vegan fashion and lifestyle brand founded in 2009 by award winning designer and animal lover Sugandh G. Agrawal. Winner of 2015 Best Green handbag label by Instyle and Best Retail handbag- independent designer by Macy's GUNAS is a pioneer in the world of vegan fashion. The brand offers a wide variety of handbag styles and a small capsule shoe collection for animals lovers all over the world. 

6. What is the inspiration behind your company? 

Please refer to this page:

The ROTUNDA bag.

The ROTUNDA bag.

7. What is your goal or mission? 

To provide high fashion alternatives that don't involve any form of cruelty to people, animals, and our planet. 

8. What materials do you use in your bags and where do you obtain them? 

We use coated canvases sourced from Japan, Korea and Taiwan. Also recently started a 100% plant-based leather alternative called Mulbtex.

The COUGAR backpack and TWIGGY wallet.

The COUGAR backpack and TWIGGY wallet.

9. Are there any charities or organizations you work with? If so, why? 

The LIVIA satchel + backpack.

The LIVIA satchel + backpack.

Supporting animal welfare is the core mission of Gunas as a brand. We support over 50 charities world wide. We are also a PETA business partner. Please refer to this link for all the charities we support.

10. Do you hope to expand to clothing someday? 

Yes, we plan to start outerwear at some point.

11. Social Media? 




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Interview By Alison Hernon, Editor-In-Chief, PhotoBook Magazine.