Influencer Alexandra Pullen: The Healthy Ballerina

1.Name: Alexandra Pullen 

2.Where are you from? Where do you live now? 

I was born in Nasvhille, Tennessee, grew up in Chicago, Illinois, moved to NYC when I was a teenager, and I now live in Los Angeles, California.


I’m a freelance dancer, blogger+influencer, freelance writer, and yoga/dance instructor.

4.Tell us how you got involved with the art of ballet and dance. 

My mom was a professional ballerina in the corps de ballet with American Ballet Theatre. I followed in her footsteps and that was also my first professional endeavor!

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5.Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important. Tell us how you maintain your physical health. 

Physical health is such a broad topic. Often, physical health is a manifestation on what is going on internally. Lately I’ve been focusing on mental health more and more. Physically, I stay healthy by moving my body, eating healthy foods that agree with my personal constitution, taking supplements, paying attention to what products I use, and thinking positively and practicing gratitude.

6.Mental health is equally important. What are some steps you take maintain your mental and 
emotional health? 

Ahhh! Couldn’t agree more. I would argue that mental health is actually the most important. Wherever you go, there you are. I maintain my mental health by maintaining firm boundaries, keeping a consistent meditation practice, practicing gratitude daily, staying positive, spending time and keeping contact with people I love, therapy, and consistent self care.

7.What is the importance of mediation? How often do you meditate? 

For me, meditation is imperative. It’s how I reset and train my brain. It clears up space and allows me to step away from my thoughts, and implement non-attachment to thoughts that are ego-driven, self-deprecating, judgmental, or overall just not aligned with my highest self. Focusing on your breath grounds you in the present moment.


8.You’re also a yoga instructor. How does yoga compare to other forms of exercise, e.g. lifting, 
running, Zumba, etc.? 

I think the biggest thing that sets yoga apart from other forms of exercise is the spiritual aspect and meditation. For me, this is the heart of yoga, and asana (or the physical practice) is secondary. I’m less concerned about my students “getting a good workout,” and more focused on attuning them to their breath, taking them out of their thoughts, and attuning to their structural alignment.

9.What makes for a great Yoga instructor? 

A passion for sharing your love for yoga and the practice with others, a dedication to never stop learning/growing and always keeping the mentality of a student, and a consistent home practice.

10.What are some of your favorite holistic remedies? 

I love making a cleansing detox drink in the morning with:

-12 oz water

-1/2 lemon’s juice

-1 tbsp apple cider vinegar

-a few shakes of cinnamon


-dash of cayenne pepper

Amazing for detox, menstrual pain, or stomach issues! I also love using topical CBD creams for pain relief.


11.What are some challenges you face in maintaining a positive and optimistic viewpoint on life?

Having the courage to do so! I believe in the power of positive thinking and the empowerment in looking for the good in things, always. It’s definitely a practice, and can be challenging if those around you aren’t on board with thinking the way you would like to, so it’s also important to surround yourself with positive people! I spend time with people that inspire me and are in alignment with how I want to live my life. And the ones who don’t can be inspired by seeing me living my best life and speaking my truth! Gratitude is also such an important practice in order to stay positive. I believe that the universe is always conspiring in my favor, and everything happens for a reason, a season, or a lesson!

12.What’s next for you? 

I am really happy on the trajectory and balance I feel in my life! I just want to continue on this path and expand, grow, + inspire. I will be dancing lots more too so look out J

13.What is your motto in life? 

“I am a goddamn gem” is my personal mantra J self-love and self-confidence will take you so far!