Indie-Pop Singer & Songwriter: Alex Di Leo

Photo By:  @camuran

Photo By: @camuran

1. Name? 
Hi, I’m Alex Di Leo. 

2. Profession? 
I’m an Artist: Singer/Songwriter/Performer.

3. Where do you currently reside? 
I currently live in Nashville.

Photo By:  @paigesaraphoto

Photo By: @paigesaraphoto

4. Where are you from? 
I’m from Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

5. What led you to become a singer? Tell us about this process?
When I was 10 years old my grandma randomly gifted me an acoustic guitar which is what started it all. A couple years after I put a band together and won a talent show. From that moment, I really wanted to explore what I could do with music. I was in several bands from the age of 12 til senior year in high school when I decided to go solo. Two years after that I released my first song as a solo artist and here we are today, two years after that first release. 

Photo By:  @chris_lampkins

Photo By: @chris_lampkins

6. What instruments do you play? 

I mainly play the acoustic and electric guitar but I can also play the drums, bass, keys, and I used to play the Sax at one point.

7. Tell us about your current album, Strange Open Land? 

”Strange Open Land” is a 5 song EP that I released in November of 2018. It takes you on a journey of young love and it’s beautiful adventures. 

8. What inspired this sound? 

The sound of the EP came together naturally. If you listen to the whole EP you’ll realize that there’s a variety of instrumentation throughout. From mandolins to sparkly 80’s synths the music is also able to tell the story of young love and how it’s filled with so many different feelings and their mysteries. 

Photo By:  @stockroll  Artwork By:  @davidndrake

Photo By: @stockroll
Artwork By: @davidndrake

9. It seems that you like to travel a lot and sing about those places? Tell us about that, for example, Brooklyn Bridge song?
Traveling is my favorite thing to do. Meeting people and experiencing new places always inspires me. The first time I visited Brooklyn was 5 years ago when I snuck away from home (Fort Lauderdale) to visit my girlfriend I had just started seeing at the time. It became a special place during our first year together and when I visit alone I always feel what we were experiencing. 

10. I love how you you value your fans and take the time to give a positive impression, why is this important to you? 

Meeting the fans after a show is my favorite part. I get to spend one on one with them, even if it’s just for a few moments. I get to take that personal connection with me.

Photo By:  @camuran

Photo By: @camuran


11. If you can have your fans remember one thing about you, what would it be? 
I want fans to walk away from my show feeling better than when they arrived. I want fans to remember that love at the end of the day. I want my shows to be a party. So show up ready for that!

12. I love your Instagram page, it looks like you are enjoying your life viewing it, what is your message here? 

I love my life and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I want people to live life to their fullest. One thing I’ve always been skeptical about on social media is letting them into my personal life a little more. I’m starting to let that shine a bit more and it feels great. I’m really able to connect with everyone on a more personal level.


13. Tell us about your current single, High, what inspired this song? 

Sometimes things aren’t always so great in a relationship. That’s totally normal but I refer to them as the sober moments. The high moments are filled with adventure, love, and spontaneity. The sober moments make me wish I was high because that’s where we all want to be.

14. Are you planning any upcoming tours, if so what are the details? 

I have an upcoming tour this Summer throughout June and July. It starts mid June and looks like I’ll be in many cities across the country. More details coming soon!


15. So far, what has been your greatest professional achievement? 

One of the crazier things I’ve done recently was open up for Phil Collins in Miami Beach. That was unreal. But one of the greatest achievements for me personally during this career so far was just a couple weeks ago. I opened up for Max Frost during the last week of his tour and I did it by myself with an acoustic guitar. It’s something I was always afraid of doing, performing without a piece of my band. It was a big step into the unknown for me and I couldn't have been more proud of myself. 

16. Tell us about your current fashion style, how would you describe it? 

I definitely love wearing dark colors as often as I can. Black is my favorite color when it comes to clothing. I don’t really get on the dirty side of dressing. It’s normally clean with a bit of an edge. I’m searching to expand this part of my artistry at the moment actually. So, we’ll see what happens!


17. If you could go open up for any artist on tour right now who would it be? 

A dream of mine would be to tour with ColdPlay. They've been my main inspiration since day one. 

18. What is you favorite song to belt out at the bar/in the car/for karaoke? 
”Another Day In Paradise” by Phil Collins is probably one of my favorite songs to sing to. 


19. What is your motto in life? 
As cliché as it is, I’ve realized living, everyday as your last really tests you as a person. You can find out some amazing things about yourself, as well as some of the dark side. But to me it’s extremely important to push yourself. You never know until you try.

20. Website: and Instagram: @alex_di_leo

Strange Open Land Official Video:

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Interview by Alison Hernon, Editor-In-Chief, PhotoBook Magazine.