Body In Art

“Body In Art” editorial is the celebration of body with all shapes and size. The body positive movement with the ideology that we all have a positive view on our size and shape. It's important because we need all of our energy and resources to be put towards making the world a better place, not wasted on obsessing about and/or trying to perfect our bodies, which has caused great mental distress. The media and plastic surgery developments have possibly generated the obsession of trying to look like that person. And, in most cases impossible that only retouching and surgical enhancement can fix. “Body In Art” feature showcases real people showing how their body is an art form.


Foreword by Alison Hernon, Editor-In-Chief of PhotoBook Magazine


All images are photographed by Payam Emrani.

I am a Los Angeles digital photographer whose work explores what it means to be a photographer in our current digital age. My newest project is a print, fine art magazine whose objective (ironically ) is the abandonment of social media.  I feel in this corporitized, social media age going offline is the only way to share my art, in its uncensored form, with an actual, in tune audience.  I'm currently seeking subjects and subscribers; I would greatly appreciate it if you would visit my website Thank you. 

Words are from Photographer, Payam Emrani.